The name, Purusha Yoga, being what it is, says a lot. "Purusha is the Sanskrit term for the true-self. By definition, our name and our style of yoga accommodates for each person as an individual and seeks to teach each person in a way that suits them best." It also gives opportunity for the individual to explore their truth and experience a connection with this truth within...Their Purusha.

"Purusha, in a word, feels like home. A home in which anyone is welcome with warmth and understanding, no matter your ability, background or history with yoga."  - Alyssa Girard-Hasnsen

Join us for free yoga classes in San Francisco. Brought to you by Purusha's Seva Project


Free Yoga in Golden Gate Park at the Grove NEXT to the Qween Wilhelmina Garden/Dutch Windmill in golden gate park

Saturdays: 11:30AM (New Time!) with Joy Ravelli, Eric Sparks and Laxman Panthi

Voted the Best Stretch in the Sun for two years in a row by SF Weekly!


Free Yoga At Purusha yoga Studio - 3729 Balboa Street

Mondays: 3:15 PM Hatha Yoga with John McLean Wolff

Wednesdays: 3:15 PM Hatha Flow with Alexandra Muz




Please note the new location for free yoga in the park! 

Please note the new location for free yoga in the park! 

Purusha Yoga Teacher Training

I can’t recommend Purusha strongly enough. Talk with the teachers, and the school founder Joy Ravelli. One of the most important things to me about Purusha Yoga is that it isn’t a “one size fits all” program with a prescribed, or dogmatic way of practicing yoga. You are given a comprehensive education, a diverse set of tools and a wide variety of colors for your palette, and are encouraged and guided in developing your own creative voice and style of approaching yoga. When you finish the program, you will not only have a deeper connection to yourself and those around you, but you will have a yoga practice that is YOURS, to take with you wherever you go in life and in the world. And that is a priceless gift.
- PJ Church
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