1. (in Sankhya and Yoga) one's true self, regarded as eternal and unaffected by external happenings.

Welcome to Purusha Yoga

Purusha Yoga is a community focused, heart centered teaching studio located in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond District. We offer a full schedule of daily classes led by a diverse group of experienced, inspired teachers who are not only interested in your safety and fitness, but in your holistic wellbeing.

We use the classic 8 limb practices and philosophies of Hatha, and Raja Yoga to open the mind, balance energy, move the body, inspire, and spark the imagination.  By providing a variety of personalized services, movement, dance and fitness classes, we take the student beyond yoga and into holistic wellness and health. 

“Purusha” means “The True Self” in Sanskrit. It is our hope that Purusha Yoga Studio can be a catalyst in the exploration, discovery and expression of your inner truth. We invite you to join us for class, explore our workshops and trainings, experience our custom holistic therapy services, or just drop by for our weekly free yoga in Golden Gate Park. 

For your Body, Mind and Soul

*Rock your world, boost your wellness and awaken your deepest, hearts-desire 

*We weave the great truths that classic yoga shares with all great philosophy and teachings

*Explore, discover and express your true self

*Connect and celebrate with community

The 3 ways to explore Purusha (your true self) and unite with community:

1. Purusha  Shala/School

2. Purusha  Sangha/Community

3. Purusha  Seva/Non Profit


Are you ready?

We'd love to meet you and learn more about your unique journey.