Alexandra Muz

Alexandra was born in Siberia (Russia), but grew up on the coast of the Black Sea in Ukraine.

She was inspired to learn Yoga from her mom who has made a long way from a person suffering from pain to a person healed by Yoga and becoming the unique and oldest Yoga Master in her country.

Alexandra is a Certified Yoga Master and a Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher. She graduated from the Crimea Institute of Practical Yoga (Ukraine) and started to teach group classes in the Institute in1999.

After moving to Israel in 2000, Alexandra has been teaching there all levels of Hatha-Yoga classes and classes for people with health problems and body injuries.

The next life step began in California in 2011. Alexandra continued her Yoga teaching and education and has graduated from Purusha Yoga School.

My yoga experience over than 15 years has led me to this conclusion: “The easy accessible physical and breathing yoga exercises lead to health improvements, self-control of your conscience and emotions, and deeper understand yourself and others. And that, in turn, leads to desired results of your life.

Every minute, in any situation, with any people yoga helps us solve problems and brings the joy in our life.”

"Do your practice and ALL is coming” Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois