Join our Six Week Pilates Summer Kick Start!

May 15th - June 22th

Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 and 12:30

Tuesday and Thursday 6:30

Transform and strengthen your body with a 6-week
Personalized Pilates Kick-Start for Summer Series!

Personalized Pilates offers an opportunity to create deep
change in your body, shifting postural patterns and creating
deep core strength. With no more than ten students, this
small group training offers students personalized feedback
on their practice as they build the foundation for their
Pilates practice.


Week one

Pilates Basics: Learn the core movements of Pilates and the beginning mat sequence, which will become the foundation of your practice. The following weeks will be a 30 minute mat sequence and include 25 minutes of creative conditioning using the Pilates principles.

week two

Foam Roller Fun: Learn self massage and balance techniques to prepare your body for a more impactful workout and optimize you health.


week three

The Ring of Fire: Intensify your workouts by targeting the smaller, finer muscles that train your body to work in a more efficient way

week FOUR

Abs and Arms: Integrate the abdominal and arm movement connection into your body, finding more strength and fluid movement than you ever thought possible.


week FIVE

Lengthen the Legs: Discover the power of full body leg integration, releasing the stress on the hips and opening up free, easy movement in the lower half of the body.

week SIX

Full body Integration: The final week culminates in sessions that challenge your transformed body and set the stage for a move to intermediate Pilates work.


Personalized session

This session is unique to your needs; it can focus on the finer points of your practice, identify and breakthrough obstacles, or define a meal and nutrition program that will enhance your health.


Peggy Wallace is certified through Peak Performance Pilates, as a Master Trainer with the Pilates Sports Center, is certified as a life coach with the Coach Training Institute, and is a graduate of Professional Chef program at Tante Marie’s Cooking School. She is currently enrolled in the Purusha Yoga teacher training program. She works with her clients to effect transformation and change through health, nutrition, delicious food, and living in the realm of possibility.

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$75 for Personalized Session

$30 Drop in Rate
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