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Purusha Seva Project
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Vision of Purusha Seva Project
The word seva means "selfless action that serves community." This path of yoga is committed to surrendering our actions to a higher purpose.

The Purusha Seva Project is committed to the journey of acquiring a deeper understanding of the health and healing benefits of classic Hatha/Raja yoga philosophy and practices.

The Purusha Seva Project believes that Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy can provide a complementary and cost-effective method of alternative and preventative healthcare. By developing innovative and cost saving programs that serve the people of our communities, and delivering such programs in an accessible and complimentary manner to existing services, the Purusha Seva Project seeks to create communities of healthy, flourishing people.


• To provide a vehicle for socially conscious investors to support the teaching of classic Hatha/Raja yoga and Holisitic Life Skills (including Breath Work, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Meditation) in the style of Purusha Yoga to at-risk and underserved populations who would greatly benefit from the philosophy and practices.

• To recruit instructors trained in the style of Purusha Yoga to utilize their specialized skills to serve under served populations. Purusha Seva Project offers scholarships to students willing to become teachers who have a desire to serve their communities.

• To design and implement Holisitic Life Skills programs and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) curricula (including Breath Work, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Meditation) designed to accommodate our target clients. To work with experts in the areas of Health Education, Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga Therapy, and other health fields to deliver classic yoga in a way that is comprehensive and compatible with the needs of our communities.


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Your kind donation is tax deductible.  Purusha Seva Project is a registered 501C3 non-profit, charitable, and educational organization.

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