Purusha Pilates Certification

2017 Session: August 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 from 9am-4pm

In this professional level training, you will learn:

  • Comprehensive postural and health analysis, including the means to provide an individual with specific exercises to improve flexibility, strength, circulation, and alignment.
  • The 15 fundamental Pilates/Yoga exercises that provide therapeutic release, realignment, and improved mobility to the pelvis, spine, shoulders and hips. 
  • How training the core strengthens the entire body as well as providing stability for health and optimal performance in every sport or activity.
  • The complete Purusha Pilates class which incorporates modifications for specific concerns and can be utilized in a one-on-one or group setting.
  • A unique teaching method that utilizes the "Tell-Show-Do" model and includes verbal/physical cues and gentle assists.
  • Core Bandha power breathing exercises that enhance control, awareness, and well-being of the muscles and organs in each center of the body.
  • How to connect and direct the flow of energy through your body using Bandhas, breath and movement.
  • Client tracking and business techniques that follow the 8-limb path of yoga.
  • Motivation, coaching, and personal training techniques in order to provide individualized programs and quality private instruction.

Part One
In Part one students are given an overview of the Purusha Yoga School Methods of teaching and an in depth investigation into the Pilates fundamental principals.  Integration of Purusha teaching methods and Pilates fundamental approach are understood and applied.  Comprehensive postural analysis and modifications for common concerns are taught and practiced.  10 Foundation exercises are learned and practiced. These foundation teachings, principals and exercises can be applied to any program and will provide a good basic approach to achieving optimal strength, stability and core health.  

Part Two
In part two students will build on their foundation with exercises that incorporate larger movement and multiple joint actions.  The complete Purusha Pilates class with modifications for common concerns, cueing, assists and knowledge of purpose/ execution are all practiced thoroughly.

Part Three
In part three the students will continue to practice the complete class format as well as learning more detailed breathing cues, assists and individualized teaching methods to accommodate students more thoroughly.  Students will practice teaching various exercises to fellow students and implement motivation and coaching through verbal cueing and physical assists.