Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork

Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork has been practiced for thousands of years in Thailand. Our professional certified therapists are trained in the tradition and highly acclaimed lineage of the Sunshine Network from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Additionally, all practitioners are certified professional yoga teachers at the advanced level. Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed on the floor with the client wearing comfortable clothes that allow for movement.  The client is gently moved into easy yoga poses while gentle pressure is passively given with a mindful metta (love and kindness) dance of giving and sharing energy.  

Enjoy a complete Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork session with the added emphasis on areas of the body that are specific to your needs, health concern, or focus. Session is conducted by a certified Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapist, and may include other massage modalities.

After, recipients often feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energized Physical, Mental & Psychological Benefits of Traditional Thai Yoga Body work:

  • Muscle relaxation, increased flexibility & mobility
  • Calming & relaxation of mind and body, mental clarity
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Illness prevention, degenerative disease alleviation
  • Increased energy flow throughout the body
  • Peace and tranquility with a sense of equilibrium and overall well being



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Personal Programs are available with a coach and trainer certified in the area you wish to focus on. 

Regular Single Personal Service price                        $109

12 Session Commitment (4 month expiration)         $79/session

8 Sessions Commitment (3 month expiration)         $89/session

6 Sessions Commitment (2 month expiration)         $99/session



Because Memberships cannot be shared between clients, we have introduced these discounted rates. Discounts do not apply to Specials, and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Spouse/Partner and Seniors: 15% off
Purchase 1 regular priced Private Session or Thai Yoga Bodywork appointment, and receive 15% off the second same Private Session or Thai Yoga Bodywork for your partner/spouse.

College Students (with valid ID): 10% off