Spiritual Warrior Retreat 

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Kalani Retreat Center 

Start on Thursday, August 10th, 4:00PM - End on Wednesday, August 16th, 11:00AM

Location: Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center

Are you ready to unveil the warrior within?

Tibetan yogis speak of a fearlessness that comes from being fragile, a courageousness that is born from grace and a determined will that radiates from knowledge of space and flow. 

Deepen your understanding of this eternal true nature within and all around you. Sink into the spirit of what it is to be fully human, and part of a magical eco system in a yogic shamanic warrior way.  Practice in one of the most beloved power spots in the world, and then take these practices into your daily life.   Daily schedule includes guided meditations, authentic flow yoga, creative somatic practices and sensory focus techniques to enhance connection to subtle energy, develop fearlessness, grace, strength, will and courage to transform your life physically, mentally and spiritually.  Embrace the warrior within and manifest your true dharma path and life's purpose.