Originally from Southern California, Aika discovered Pilates 7 years ago while attending Riverside City College. Coming into Pilates with a dance background, she quickly fell in love with the practice and how much it taught her the importance of having a strong flexible body. Learning from talented Pilates instructors, Aika learned how to work with many different populations and the best way to modify exercises with individuals. From there she went on to receive her bachelors in Kinesiology with an emphasis in human health performance. With her love for anatomy and physiology, you won’t only learn proper body mechanics, but you will also learn the muscles incorporated in the Pilates method. She believes that by bringing the awareness of what groups of muscles are working, will connect the mind and body to a whole other level! Using the knowledge she has gained through working with physical therapists and her own movement experiences, she is able to challenge you in the best way and provide a full body workout that leaves you feeling refreshed! She is experienced with working with a wide range of individuals and can modify any exercise to suit the needs of her clients, whether it be to enhance the difficulty or to help build the strength needed for the advanced Pilates work.