Aiyisha Castillo

Aiyisha was born and raised in the Bay area where her love for creativity, the great outdoors and doing anything physical flourished. She grew up using dance as a way to creatively express herself. Self taught, Aiyisha had plenty of space to develop her own insight about movement. To her, movement is life and offers growth, healing, strength and resilience. Like yoga, it also offers connection. It is no surprise that her love for movement brought her a yoga practice in 2007. At the time she was studying Massage Therapy. She had also been trying to heal an overused right shoulder. Her yoga practice offered her new ways to work with the pains she felt in her own body. She began to use her breath as a way to massage dis­ease. She first fell in love with yoga. It was like a form of self-massage.

Her connection to the practice was first on a physical level, and then yoga's richness revealed its ability to attend to so much more. Not only was it a massage for the body, but a massage for her mind in the form of meditation. It also massaged her soul, as she sweat away what was useless, feeling lighter after each practice. Aiysha loves how yoga is like a story. It’s a story that she is familiar with but, there’s always an opportunity to discover something new. Given her love for yoga, Aiyisha’s transition into teaching felt like a natural one. Her simultaneous love for Purusha made deciding to take their 200 Hour YTT a no­brainer. Aiyisha is so grateful to all of her teachers and for the opportunity to share what she has learned with others. Her background in Somatic Psychology heavily influences how she practices and teaches. Her classes are filled with heart. While sometimes challenging, she understands that strength and growth don’t always come easy. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper and be uncomfortable a little longer to allow ourselves to enjoy the nectar of our work.

Aiyisha graduated from the Somatic Psychology program at CIIS in 2014 and from National Holistic Institute for Massage Therapy in 2008 and from Purusha 200hr YTT in May 2016. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative. She also offers private yoga classes, Integrated Bodywork, and Somatic Movement Therapy by appointment.

Holistic Offerings: Holistic Yoga Coaching, Integrative Yoga Therapy