Alexandra Geary-Stock, LCSW/MPH hated her first yoga class back in 2000. She vowed never to return. Years later, and many yoga classes the wiser, she can’t imagine a life without yoga.

After a permanent wrist injury left her unable to pursue vinyasa in the traditional sense, Alexandra used this as an excuse to find creative ways to do yoga. She turned towards the mindfulness component of the practice and learned how to mix Cardio, Pilates, strength, and Barre into her yoga routines. She loves to use creativity in her classes exploring something new each and every time she hits the mat. Alexandra incorporates yin and restorative yoga into her classes all the while making sure the sweat, and yang happen! Come to class ready to build strength, laugh while pushing your edge and prepare to feel really good! Alexandra loves sharing yoga and feels honored to be teaching. Alexandra also brings yoga into her work as a psychotherapist and public health professional. When not teaching or learning Alexandra can be found eating Indian food, in a spin class, and traveling the world.