Amal Bisharat

Amal Bisharat is a Certified 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher with a deep passion for sharing with others the benefits that yoga has brought to her life. She received her training at Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco, CA in 2012. 

Her approach to the ancient health system of yoga is based on the 8-limb path to a more authentic connection with your true unshakeable self. One of 8 limbs of yoga is, of course, the Asana practice (the poses), and we use these poses to bring about good physical health with increased strength and flexibility. Amal's asana sequences are creative and varied, intuitive & flow-y, and it is her hope that you leave class feeling good in your body. 

That being said, yoga is much more than just the physical practice. During class you will also be encouraged to observe and acknowledge your present state - spiritual, mental, emotional. With acceptance and compassion, we will slow down the pace of our lives and consider our obstacles to presence. We will practice letting go of pain, fear, judgement, attachment, criticism, story lines that no longer serve us; we will set intentions and work with the senses, the mind-chatter, intellect, ego. We will practice gratitude and love for self and others. We acknowledge that life is a process & this moment is a blip on the space-time continuum. We are grateful for what benefits may come, without attachment to outcome. Openly seeking truth will eventually lead us to live more authentically, and a shift of any amount in this direction will benefit not only us, but will also benefit those around us.

When we practice yoga, we learn about ourselves, we make sense of our relationship with our surroundings, and we experience the world in new ways.

Holistic Services: Private Yoga Coaching, Thai Yoga Bodywork