Ayurveda Basics Certification

Learn about how to use the principles of Ayurveda to enhance your yoga practice and health. Ayurveda is the sister science to classic yoga. While Yoga focuses on purifying mind and body to achieve closer union with the ultimate, Ayurveda focuses on maintaining and enhancing the health and balance of mind and body.


Weekend One: Theoretical underpinnings of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Assessment Tools.   You will become familiar with some of the basic tenets of Ayurvedic Medicine and add some Ayurvedicassessment tools and treatment concepts to your tool box as a yoga teacher or therapist.

Weekend Two: Tridosha and introduction to the Ayurvedic Body and Yoga Asana for Tri Dosha.  You will enhance your understanding of the functions of the Tridosha—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—and learn how to work with them through the tools of Yoga.

Weekend Three: Ayurvedic Concepts for use in developing a treatment plan and putting it all together--case study presentations with feedback and discussion.