Nicaragua Retreat: A Reflection by Cathryn Stauffer


Popoyo, Nicaragua was a perfect spot for a yoga retreat.  It was quiet and remote and not touristy at all, but Magnific Rock had all the amenities that I would want while on vacation: a pool, a restaurant, a happy hour and a fantastic view from every room.  They even had local kombucha and local craft beer!  

I loved the daily schedule that Eric planned.  Every day there would be a sunrise meditation on the beach followed by a vinyasa class.  During the day we would be out on the beach.  I had an awesome massage and went surfing.  Every afternoon Kristen taught a yin or restorative class which would end right before sunset.  Then we would all go to happy hour by the pool until dinner.  The food was absolutely amazing too.  It was served vegan with chicken or fresh fish on the side.  I am so impressed by how much of the food is sourced locally – very little was imported.  We even had local chia and flax seeds.  

A local guide took us on a cultural tour of his village.  I was surprised by how authentic it was – again, not touristy at all.  We rode an ox cart, saw the brick factory, helped make pottery and tortillas, and visited a farm.  I held a 22 day old puppy and milked a cow! We learned that they dye their baby chicks bright pink to disguise them from predators.  We all became so close on this retreat and everyone agreed that we should go back next year.