Dinorah Meyer

Dinorah brings to yoga a love of movement cultivated through an extensive background in dance, ranging from ballet to jazz to modern to West African. She is also a career counselor with a Master’s degree in Counseling.

Born and raised in San Francisco’s Richmond District, Dinorah feels very much at home in the Purusha neighborhood. She started taking classes at the studio in 2013. The original appeal of yoga for her was the well-rounded physical workout and challenge that it provided. Realizing soon that it offered much more, she completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training, which greatly enhanced her practice and opened her up further to the vast possibilities for learning and creativity that yoga offers.

Dinorah is so happy to have found such a rich means of integrating body, mind and spirit and has especially come to relish the emotional and physical benefits of focusing on and utilizing the breath. In teaching classes, she enjoys sharing with others how they can feel more grounded and connected, continually grow and expand in their practice, and gain access to peace of mind and compassion, especially self-compassion.

Dinorah deeply values being a part of the Purusha community of students and teachers. Recently, she traveled to Nepal with the Purusha Seva Project for the purposes of cultural exchange and service. She appreciated this special opportunity to connect with Nepali people, share U.S./Purusha style yoga, and broaden her sense of the community of which she is a part.