Elemental Sound Healing

5 SUNDAYS / 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM

EARTH - October 13th

FIRE - November 10th

WATER - December 8th

AIR - January 12th

ETHER - February 9th

(Each class can be taken separately)

Purusha Yoga Studio - BERKELEY STUDIO

3048 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94705

United States (map)

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When we allow our mind and body to relax, we create space to our inner wisdom

We start noticing the signals our body is constantly offering to us. This state of deep listening builds our capacity to be fully present in our lives and enhances the trust to our inner wisdom.

Join us on this intimate, safe space to improve and rediscover your body/mind/spirit connection. We will allow the elements – Earth (October), Fire (November), Water (December), Air (January) and Ether (February) – to support our inner journey.

Balancing the

  • Earth element will support our connection with others, lifts us up from laziness and brings us to our center.

  • Fire element will awaken our joy, creativity and vitality.

  • Water element will bring ease and flow into our lives and helps us to understand who we truly are.

  • Air element helps us to move on, transform and feel fresh

  • Ether element helps us to understand that life is full of ultimate possibilities

The evening will include any combination of breathing and vocal exercises, movement, shamanic journeying, chanting, deep listening, somatic meditation, guided meditation, Tibetan yoga, variety of self care practices to empower our connection within and we always finish up with a 40 minute gentle sound bath. Come for the experience and/or to learn practices that are simple to do at home.

Bring water bottle, yoga mat and pillow to keep you comfortable. Bolsters and blankets are provided.

Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early for timely start.

CLASS FEE (per session): $25 (at door), $20 (early bird)



Minna Sivola is a certified sound practitioner, teacher and mentor. In her private sound healing sessions, workshops and public events, Minna creates a nurturing and safe space for rejuvenation and harmony. Drawing on her decade long direct experience and extensive studies, Minna blends sound healing and multiple body based practices to induce and empower wellbeing. More information and self help practices are located at www.harmoniaalto.com