emma pearson

Emma Pearson first came to yoga when she was pregnant with her first baby and she was told by doctors that her scoliosis would cause her great difficulties during her pregnancy and birth. From learning this, Emma was motivated and determined. She began her healing through yoga and a holistic lifestyle to ease her discomforts. Her dedication to yoga and her new lifestyle paid off immensely with a healthy and natural birth. This began her life- long learning and passion to share with other mamas.

Since 1994 Emma has studied extensively and created programs that care for mothers during this crucial time, some of these trainings are: Over 500 Y.T.T, Midwifery, MUTU fitness and so much more.

Pregnancy and motherhood can be challenging physically, emotionally and mentally, but can initiate change, growth, health, and inner awareness with the right guidance and support.
Emma believes that obstacles that come into our lives can be the motivation that we need to create change. As a mama, we always have to be ready for the surprises that our children bring. Working with Emma gives you the tools you need to navigate through these challenges safely with ease and compassion. Her classes offer a nurturing and a safe space to strengthen, heal, and regain a functioning body. You will not only build confidence but also connect with a compassionate, caring community that will support you in class and beyond.

Emma is continually grateful and inspired everyday by both her own children, Zaio and Amber.