Energy Healing

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The Japanese word Reiki translates to the sacred energy of the universe. The Reiki experience is the laying on of hands to heal. Reiki is transformative and relaxing . Everyone experiences Reiki differently. As you relax during the session, you may see colors, connect with your spirit guide , be in a dream state or experience powerful shifts in your life that support your overall purpose. Some people “feel” very little during Reiki but still notice shifts in their life after treatment. There are many benefits of Reiki for all. After your session, its is important to take care of yourself. Take time to hydrate, perhaps enjoy a cup of tea and journal your experience. It is important to have an active role in your healing journey. 


Discover through a guided meditation what is hidden deep within your conscious body.  Unveil messages that are stored in the physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual realms of your existence.  The seven yogic energy centers of the body are windows to the soul, our karmic map exists here.  Through this meditation you will find your current 'dharma' or true path in 7 key areas of your life.  Practices from classic 8 limb yoga are prescribed accordingly.  

Chakra balancing sessions with Lucia integrate subtle movement, transformative breath practices, and hands on energy work, combined with somatic intuitive guidance, to create more freedom and flow of energy within your being.

chakra balancing with lucia

A chakra balancing session with Rachel works with the subtle energy within you to explore aspects of your whole being that may be unconscious and to restore you energy, body, and emotional being into a state of balance. In these sessions Rachel will help you to connect with a deeper felt sense of being and awareness through gentle movement, bioenergetics, guided journey, and breathing techniques.

chakra balancing with rachel