Evgeniya ustinova

Born and raised in Russia, Evgeniya (Jenya) graduated from a Saint-Petersburg university, moved to San Francisco in 2012, and began her yoga journey in 2013. She started as a dedicated Bikram yoga practitioner and overtime discovered Purusha yoga studio, where she completed her 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings. She is continuing her yoga education in order to obtain a Yoga Therapy certification.

Jenya has always led an active lifestyle. She enjoys strong, challenging workouts followed by well-deserved relaxation at the end. You will find a similar structure in her classes, where strong, vigorous flow is gently combined with mindful breathing, honoring your body’s needs and limits, and stretching your mind to new dimensions.

Mind-Body-Spirit connection is the key ingredient for Jenya’s everyday life and well-being. Learning to be fully present and finding gratitude for the little things that shape our lives, enjoying “the good” to the fullest and working through “the bad” with patience and respect, becoming stronger physically and mentally - these are the lessons yoga has taught and continues to teach her on and off the mat every single day.

Jenya is currently managing Purusha yoga studio in San Francisco and offers group and private classes as well as private Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions there. Find her for Vinyasa 2/3 on Mondays and Fridays.