Grief, Seniors, & Yoga Death Doula

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A growing body of research on yoga for aging, grief, and palliative care has shown improvements in quality of life including; sleep, mood, stress, management of physical symptoms, and maintenance of overall homeostasis. 
In this course, you will learn how to create, maintain, and nourish a yogic therapeutic alliance and holistic approach that supports and encourages healing of the whole person including mind, body, heart, and soul.  Through specific coaching and client education methodologies you will learn to guide clients toward a deep and authentic connection to their individual and unique source of inspiration and guidance. Through this process of developing trust and relationship to one’s truth, your clients will experience a sense of deep contentment that will sustain them through the journey of aging, loss, grief, and common diseases. 
Specific practices include gentle physical exercise (asana), relaxation and restorative techniques (nidra), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness(dharana), guided meditations(dhyana), gestures (mudra/ yantra) and affirmations/ intention (bhavani).  The course also includes sound healing including mantra and nada.  Students will learn the stages of grief from a yogic philosophy perspective and which practices are recommended for specific stages of grief, as well as common diseases experienced by seniors, typical treatments and 8 limb practices that may be applied.  Gain an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and journey of the end of life and death.  Each stage is met with conscious love and kindness (metta) as well as specific communication, ethical, and professional scope of practice that encourages holistic well being through self-care as well as a professional partnership with a community of caretakers and professional health care. 
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