Hien Tran

Hien is a curious seeker and passionate practitioner of many forms of holistic healing modalities, creative arts and magic. Nature's wisdom, beauty, imagination, creativity, love and laughter are her guiding stars in life. It was 18 years ago when she first experienced the empowering and awakening gifts of yoga and she feels honored to be sharing it with others.

She is a graduate of the Purusha 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and a near graduate of the 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Therapy training at Purusha Yoga Studio. She is grateful to be part of the warm, supportive and down-to-earth yoga community at Purusha and to be volunteering with the Purusha Seva Project at the re-entry centre at Healthright 360 and Yoga at the Golden Gate Park. She really believes that everyone should feel entitled to have access to holistic heath services regardless of their socio-economic status. 

She loves to facilitate deeply soul nourishing, blissful, transformative and compassionate healing experiences in her group yoga classes, private yoga and holistic health sessions in a manner that nurtures heart-opening playfulness and an expansion of awareness of one's true nature and potential.

With over a decade of experience with her holistic health practice informed by her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrated Bodywork/ Massage Therapy and Energy Healing. she particularly enjoys supporting clients with stress-related health conditions that may include depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and various physical ailments. She enjoys connecting clients with the interconnectedness of their whole being and of life itself.

Holistic Services: Private Yoga Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki