Holistic Coaching

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Using a specific methodology that has been created to guide you through a process of initially realizing your deepest hearts desires for meaningful work, and ultimately living the life of your true calling. An 8-step process is traveled through with one-on-one attention to detail and personal needs along the way. You will learn how to conceptualize, nourish, and accomplish whatever it is you would like to share with this world.

Holistic Nutrition 

Discover a way of eating that is specific for your lifestyle, needs, and desires. This program is based on whole, fresh foods that are produced, purchased, prepared and eaten with care and consciousness. Whether your goal is to loose weight, gain energy, reduce suffering, or maintain vitality this program will facilitate an entirely new perspective on life.


In Ayurvedic medicine, each person is a unique manifestation of the five elements- space or emptiness, air, fire, water, and earth- and, therefore, has unique dietary and wellness requirements. In an Ayurvedic consultation, your particular constitution (combination of the five elements) and your current health status are assessed and then recommendations to regain harmony and balance are made. These recommendations include the best dietary choices, optimum lifestyle habits, stress management and potential herbal supplements to regain or improve health and well-being. The goal of these consultations is to enable you to learn to make the right choices for yourself and to empower you to achieve your best wellness.

Tarot Life Guidance

Are you seeking greater clarity for a current life circumstance? Bring your relationship, career and creativity questions to our practitioners for a personalized session. Projective Tarot is a new approach to an ancient system. Interacting with images from the ancient Tarot help to draw out your inner wisdom and inspire imaginative new approaches to self-understanding. The process allows for clarification of past and present circumstances and the recognition of upcoming possibilities, which can be approached with greater consciousness.