Intro to Therapeutic Yoga certification

September 22 - November 24

Five Saturdays 9:00-6:00 PM

September 22

October 13 & 27

November 10 & 24



Purusha Yoga Studio 3729 Balboa Street

San Francisco, CA, 94121

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Photo by Le Minh Phuong

Photo by Le Minh Phuong

This course will introduce you to the art of applying classic yoga in a therapeutic way to individuals and groups that is designed to accommodate their specific needs and desires.

The word therapy means to ‘take care’.  In this course you will learn how to take care of an individual throughout every layer of the human experience.  In classic therapeutic yoga this holistic model is called the Pancha Karma or 5 layer approach and includes: physical, mind/emotional, energetic, intellectual, and spiritual layers.  Each of the 8-limb practices are carefully applied to these layers.

The advanced yoga teacher/ practitioner begins to understand how the whole person is affected by carefully observing and communicating with your student/ client on a deeper and more personal level.   

You will learn how to create a yogic therapeutic alliance by  committing to your own practices of equanimity, meditation, concentration, and self study and how this self awareness and metta (love and kindness) state creates a foundation for deep relationship and ultimately a field of deep healing.  

Specific techniques that utilize somatic (mind/ body) understanding, guided touch, deep active listening, and effective communication are all explored and practiced.  

An 8 step process of transformation is utilized as a means of creating a progressive and periodized program for individuals and groups that systematically guides your students through goal setting, planning, action, and conquering stages of setbacks.  

You will learn how to implement a wide range of current research for effective program design for structuring physical, breathing, and meditation practices for specific outcomes including the utilization of protocols for frequency, intensity, selection, and duration of each practice to improve; flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and states of well being.  

This course is a foundation to all other therapeutic yoga courses offered by Purusha Yoga School.  Specific 8 limb practices are not reviewed or introduced as much as the means of how to structure a meaningful program, implement it effectively, identify your target service audience, and market your services effectively.  

The course includes personal and professional development that guides you on your unique path of progressing from a yoga teacher to becoming a professional therapeutic yoga practitioner.   


Certification : $800.00



This course counts toward our 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  Save money by registering as a 300-Hr YTT.



For over 20 years, Joy Ravelli has led workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings. Joy is the co-owner and founder of Purusha Studio and School in San Francisco, CA. She is also the founder of the Purusha Seva Project, a non profit organization that brings powerful yoga practices to underserved and at-risk populations throughout the Bay Area and the world. 

Joy has a master-level of experience and knowledge in the fields of natural fitness, somatic movement, thai yoga bodywork, martial arts, pilates, and classic yoga. She enjoys meditating and practicing with diverse people, places, animals, children and nature, while celebrating all the connected magic in this world. Read full bio



Eric Sparks is the co-owner of Purusha Yoga Studio and School in San Francisco, CA. A classically trained ballet dancer since 1982, Eric has been a company member of Boston Ballet, Cleveland/San Jose Ballet and, a Soloist with Miami City Ballet. Eric is a lead teacher of professional yoga trainings, yoga retreats, and a continuing education provider with the Yoga Alliance. Read full bio