Laurel Parrish

Hailing from Northeast Florida, I've lived in the Bay Area for almost three years. I've lived in the outer Richmond, Oakland, and now most recently, Duboce Triangle. However, the Richmond and Purusha resonate closest in my heart and I am actively trying to build community in this space. As an aspiring yogi and new birth doula, I aim to combine these complimentary purposes and create more light in the world through intentional community and empowering life. The vast majority of the last 10 years, I have been traveling and living all over the globe, learning new languages and knowing new people. During this time, I supported myself as a childcare provider and ESL teacher. I had been leaning towards birth work for some time and finally made the leap this last year after a meaningful encounter with a Dutch woman working as a midwife in Bangladesh. Outside of these endeavors, I express myself creatively through cooking, release through music and dance. I also spend a lot of time outdoors and feed my mind through books and cinema.