manifest your destiny

ARE YOU READY TO DISCOVER?                          

What guides you? What is it you truly believe in? What are you made of and what nourishes your deepest sense of who you are? What is it you are here for? What do you really want out of this wonderful ride called life?

On this retreat you will be given opportunities to explore and ponder these questions by discovering the most inspiring moments of your life; past, present, and future.


We will connect great truths by exploring classic yoga, rituals and beliefs through writing, expressive art, chanting, movement, meditation and authentic play. There will be many options for spending time alone, in small groups and all together. We will enjoy sunrise meditation, yoga flows, beach swimming, and nature hiking.

Through all of these practices and experiences you will naturally arise at a place of perfect clarity in one or more areas of your life for genuine easy growth. Coming to this place in this way you will find natural manifestation that can no longer be held back by old beliefs, doubts and fears. Bring it all to Pele and burn on through to the other side.