Advanced Meditation & Guided Journeys

The Vast History of Yogic Meditation includes many techniques and approaches.  All of these practices are supported by a rich and ancient philosophy which is itself the foundation of so many other systems.  


In this course we will explore the earliest human writing and lineage of meditation, contemplation, and human connection to the more subtle fields of energy, knowledge and universal existence.  We will complement this with a greater understanding of what modern science and research has discovered about consciousness, states of the mind and benefits of meditation.  


Pulling practices, philosophy and themes from Yogic texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Tibetan Mysticism, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika you will deepen your knowledge and mastery of Meditation.


Yogic Meditation encompasses and utilizes the entire 8-limb system of Raja Yoga and gradually encourages a more natural conscious and awakened state of being human.  This state is known as samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment and bliss. 

Each one of us is capable of experiencing this state.  In fact, we all have experienced this state.  It is known to each one of us at different times and on different occasions; perhaps you felt this state in deep connection with nature, while engaged in art, or in the rapture of love with another, or life itself.   It is our birth right to experience this state.  


In this course you will be introduced to a variety of tools, objects of meditation, pathways, and journeys that act as guides, points of focus and sensations to pull in our senses, breathing, body and mind.  Ultimately we will use all of our human layers and invite in all of these sensations on this journey.  Every feeling and emotion will be welcome and a valuable part of the experience.  


Experiencing these practices for your own personal growth is the foundation for all Yoga teachers and guides.  We can only lead and teach that which we know in our own hearts, body and minds.  Integrating these practices into our daily lifestyle, allowing them to be our essential way and naturally from this they will become what we share with others.  


You will learn scripts, prompts, foundation principals, ways to journey, essential rituals, calling in and connecting to your own sources of inspiration.  You will learn how to trust your intuition and more subtle states.  You will come to understand a deeper appreciation for truth deep within your own experience as well as the ways of the universe.  As you come to surrender into these truths and ways you will realize that the script, prompt and ritual are no longer needed.  


You will learn how to offer options, appropriate open directives, modifications and specific tools to accommodate for a wide variety of typical concerns such as pain, trauma and common diseases.  Verbal cueing, reading energy, becoming comfortable with space and other key skills will be practiced with ample opportunity to receive feedback and begin to master your voice and skills.  

Upcoming Courses:

Fall 2021

Saturday & Sunday, December 11th - 12, 2021 

Saturday, December 18, 2021 

8:00 AM-11:00 AM & 2:00-5:00 PM PST 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021 

9:00-11:00 AM or 5:00 -7:00 PM PST

  • Ways To Take This Course:

    • This course can be used toward completion of our Level II 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Certification. Save money by registering as a 300-Hr YTT.

    • General Attendance (workshop only)

    • Take as a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) with Yoga Alliance



Three Ways to Attend

Level II 300-Hour Teacher Training - Pay in Full - 2020/2021

$2,500.00 USD
Advanced Meditation and Guided Journeys

$650.00 USD

By the end of this course you will have gained:

  • Knowledge of current research on the benefits and purpose of yoga meditation.
  • Knowledge of the states of the mind from classic yoga and modern science.
  • Personal experience with a variety of specific meditations as well as professional knowledge of benefits, technique and purpose of each meditation, when to use it, with whom and why.  
  • A deeper understanding of the value of accessing the deep subconscious layers of the mind as a means of moving through trauma, pain, kleshas and other obstacles and ultimately becoming healthier and happier in mind, body, energy, and spiritual well-being. 
  • Valuable practice leading meditations and receiving feedback from your teacher and peers.
  • Specific techniques to master verbal cueing, energy reading and relaxing into space to allow the experience to unfold naturally.
  • Specific verbal cueing to master open directives, encourage imagination and awaken states within your clients.
  • Methodology, technique and process for creating a therapeutic relationship, safe space and relaxing environment for your clients to meditate comfortably and confidently.
  • Tools to utilize in your own meditation practice and implement into your sessions with clients.
  • Greater understanding of the Yoga Philosophy and how the subtle practices affect the health of the whole person.
  • Access to an extensive library of videos and written meditations.
  • Mastery of knowledge and technique to appropriately accommodate for a variety of common concerns.
  • Your very own personal meditation practice that will be a valuable part of your life moving forward. 



Master Teacher

Joy Ravelli

For over 20 years, Joy Ravelli has led workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings. Joy is the co-owner and founder of Purusha Studio and School in San Francisco, CA. She is also the founder of the Purusha Seva Project, a non profit organization that brings powerful yoga practices to underserved and at-risk populations throughout the Bay Area and the world. Joy has a master-level of experience and knowledge in the fields of natural fitness, somatic movement, thai yoga bodywork, martial arts, pilates, and classic yoga. She enjoys meditating and practicing with diverse people, places, animals, children and nature, while celebrating all the connected magic in this world.

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