Mindful Strength Training


A Six Week Series
January 10, 2022 - February 14, 2022



Would you like to improve your overall functional strength?  Do you feel like your everyday posture is misaligned and causing tension or tightness on a daily basis?  Would you like to find inner confidence and a connection to your powerhouse core muscles?

In this course, we will address the key areas of your physical body that are out of balance.  We will begin with an intake of energy, strength, endurance, flexibility posture, and balance. 

Based on this intake and your goals we will create a program that meets your specific needs, desires, and lifestyle for improving overall fitness and well-being. 

This 6 Class Series combines movement, breathwork, focus, and neuromuscular reeducation to come back to a natural vitality, lower body fat, greater tone, and natural confidence.

Tools for Class:

  • Light hand weights (3-10lbs)
  • Yoga mat (any)
  • yoga block (any)
  • Yoga  strap  (any)
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Spend 6 weeks exploring this topic with the personalized guidance of a Certified Yoga Therapist/ Personal Trainer.  Receive individualized attention with goal setting, modifications, and customization to meet your needs.

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Live Meeting times:
Mondays 6:00- 7:15 PM PST
January 10, 2022 - February 14, 2022


Recordings are made available the next day.

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6+ hours of Teaching


You will receive lifetime access to the course resources and recordings that you can revisit at anytime.

A note from your teacher, Joy Ravelli

I look forward to sharing this program with you.  It is a full-circle journey for me back to strength training and a fitness focus.  Nothing makes me feel more healthy and fit than mindful strength training.  I am especially excited to weave yoga postures, breathing, bandhas and sweet steadiness into the practice of lifting weights and moving our bodies with intention.  Let's have fun and get fit together.  



Mindful Strength Training

A Six Week Series 

With Joy Ravelli


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