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Miranda Putnam

Miranda Putman discovered Yoga in her early 30s as a way to cope with stress.  As someone who studied dance as a child and adolescent, she was happy to discover a form of focused and graceful movement that calmed her mind and allowed her to locate a freer sense of self.

Miranda’s background is in Fine Arts. She earned a MFA in Art Studio from UC Davis in 2003.  She is makes abstract paintings that are based on anatomical structures found in nature. Miranda recently completed the 500 YTD at Purusha Yoga.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others through teaching.  As an art teacher and life-long learner, she primarily taught in not-for-profit organizations serving people with disabilities and senior populations. In this capacity, she fostered growth, self discovery, and technical skill in visionary artists. She finds that teaching Yoga is a similar experience given that there is not a one-size-fits all approach; she adapts her instruction to help students safely discover their inner strength and body awareness.  Miranda also finds that the formal components of art such as line, shape, and color are similar to the formal structures, whether physical or symbolic, within the discipline of Yoga. She emphasizes alignment and mindfulness as she helps students find the support for the essential freedom and beauty that everyone is capable of expressing though the asanas.

Miranda appreciates how Purusha Yoga reflects the diversity of the Outer Richmond Community and beyond.  She has found a connection among people in the classes and appreciates how the studio welcomes those with all levels of practice.  In addition, she appreciates the organization’s philosophical emphasis on service.