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TUESDAYS / 12:00PM - 1:15PM

Starts November 5th 


Purusha Yoga Studio - BERKELEY STUDIO

3048 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94705

United States (map)


try the first class for free - 10/29

Congratulations and welcome to a supportive class that will gently guide you through your postnatal experience. 

This class is designed to assist you in healing, strengthening, relaxing, bonding and becoming a mother all with the growing support of other new moms. You will learn careful and safe exercises specific for new moms to improve strength, function, and vitality to the core, pelvic floor, and entire body. The class also includes practices to release tension (especially neck and shoulders), improve sleep, and reduce stress.  Finally, and best of all you will enjoy movement and songs to connect with your baby. 

Returning to exercise after birth can be challenging and require time and patience.  Because all bodies are unique and birth recovery times vary depending on your unique prenatal and birth journey, the series encourages modifications and moving at your own pace. In this series you will be supported by the teacher and other mamas going through similar challenges.

This series is appropriate for mothers who are six weeks post-birth, or otherwise have the “ok” from their care provider.  All mamas are welcome, with or without babies. No previous yoga knowledge is necessary. Feeding and diaper changing is welcomed in the room. Squawks, gurgles, crying and farting is always invited as part of the class.

Series Fee: $150 (6 sessions)

Fee is for 6 classes - 6 Tuesdays or 6 Thursdays. Students may purchase both series to attend Tuesdays and Thursdays (12 sessions). Make-up classes for these series will be held on 12/17 and 12/19.

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Emma Pearson first came to yoga when she was pregnant with her first baby and she was told by doctors that her scoliosis would cause her great difficulties during her pregnancy and birth. From learning this, Emma was motivated and determined. She began her healing through yoga and a holistic lifestyle to ease her discomforts. Her dedication to yoga and her new lifestyle paid off immensely with a healthy and natural birth. This began her life- long learning and passion to share with other mamas.

Since 1994 Emma has studied extensively and created programs that care for mothers during this crucial time, some of these trainings are: Over 500 Y.T.T, Midwifery, MUTU fitness and so much more… read full bio