New student classes

Beginner Group Yoga Classes are offered daily at Purusha. You can choose from a variety of days and times to meet your particular schedule needs and preferences. Below are some of our featured beginner classes to help you start your yoga journey. 



The Beginner Hatha Class incorporates the foundation poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), focus/ meditation techniques (dharana/ dhyana), and how to integrate awareness between mind, body and spirit. You will learn exercises that promote physical health and mental clarity, while increasing vital energy and self awareness. In this class you will receive individualized instruction and personalized care to accommodate for your specific needs, desires, and concerns.

All ages, levels of experience and ability are welcome.


Beginner Yoga Fit Cross Training

Beginners will gain strength, flexibility, balance and toning by using yoga poses in structured sets to target all major muscle groups and joints.  This class is excellent for post rehabilitation of knees, shoulders, hips and spine.  An excellent way to learn proper form and develop a strong foundation of yoga practice and improved well being.  

All ages, levels of experience and ability are welcome.


Vinyasa 1-2

Vinyasa literally means 'flow'. In this class you will learn to link breath and movement with a calm and meditative mind. Enjoy sequences that improve strength, flexibility, inner confidence and grace.

In this class you will move through easy to follow sequences or 'sets' of poses to gently stimulate circulation, flow of energy, and overall stamina. This class is suitable for students with little or no experience with vinyasa, however it is recommended that you take Hatha Yoga first as a way to understand basic posture alignment and breathing techniques. Modifications and options are given to accommodate most common concerns.

Beginners are encouraged!


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Still have questions about which class is right for you? Reach out to us!