New student classes

A variety of Group Yoga Classes are offered daily at Purusha. Every teacher at Purusha is trained to accommodate for all levels, but we would encourage new students to start their yoga journey with classes that are specifically designed for beginners or all-levels.



Beginner Yoga is a place to learn the basics and obtain an excellent foundation for your yoga practice to grow from. In this class, you will enjoy a progressive 8 class program that you can join into any time. Each week has a specific focus from Spinal alignment and core strength, to balance, healthy joints, and overall flexibility. All ages, stages, and abilities are welcome. This class will nourish your self-confidence and enthusiasm for improved health and well being. Please let the instructor know of any injuries or areas of concern.

All ages, levels of experience and ability are welcome.



Hatha/Raja yoga activates and awakens optimal human health and potential on every level. Raja Yoga goes beyond the physical and into a complete and integrative 8 limb yoga practice which includes, breathing, guided meditation, and intentional lifestyle. Hatha yoga embraces the holistic paradigm of Yin and Yang and utilizes these forces to balance all systems of the body. Hatha and Raja together enlighten your sense of understanding the larger scope of yoga practice and the depths of your true self. Improve your physical health, emotional intelligence and overall sense of well being.

All ages, levels of experience and ability are welcome.

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Purusha Pilates is an essential part of any complete fitness, athletic and yoga program. Practiced and highly regarded by elite athletes, dancers and performers - regular attendance will build a foundation of good form for all movement that follows. Ample time is given in each class to become a master of the elusive classic yoga exercises called 'bandhas' or (power locks). These bandhas strengthen the pelvic floor, abdominals, and obliques while also lengthening the spine, lifting the heart, releasing tension in the neck and shoulders and improving cardio/ pulmonary function through 'powerhouse' breathing. This class provides an intelligent foundation for beginners, a total body tune-up for maintenance and a challenge for advanced enthusiasts. Options are given for all levels of ability. Appropriate as post-rehabilitation for shoulders, neck and spine imbalances and accommodating for all.

Beginners are encouraged!

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Enjoy a gentle class that will guide you through hatha asanas and breathing, raja 8 limb practices and restorative techniques to rest the body and mind. In this class, you will receive individualized instruction and personalized care to accommodate your specific needs, desires, and concerns.

You will be guided into restorative poses that are supported and modified to meet your individual needs with bolsters, blankets, pillows and other props. Each posture has a specific function to heal, mend, and restore balance to a particular part of the structural body while also creating a pathway to the parasympathetic nervous system to deeply relax and heal the mind, energy and overall connection to homeostasis and well-being.

These classes often include one or more of the following: Guided healing touch, themes based on yogic philosophy, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle, as well as sound healing, sound baths, yoga nidra, chanting and classic breathing practices that calm the nervous system and activate the vagus nerve and relaxation response.

All ages, levels of experience and ability are welcome.

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Still have questions about which class is right for you? Reach out to us!