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At purusha yoga, We want you to feel right at home thats why we offer:

Yogis in Goddess pose during a yoga class

Beginner Group Yoga Classes 

We offer a wide variety of group classes at Purusha, and many of them are appropriate for beginners &/or all levels. Our teachers are always willing to offer individualized assistance during class if you need modifications or props. We look forward to getting to know our students on a personal level & are happy to meet you where you are at with your practice. So please don't be shy about introducing yourself before class. With classes ranging from Hatha to Restorative, you can choose based on your particular schedule, needs and preferences.


beginner yoga six week series

This series includes 6 weeks of a Beginner Yoga Workshop that will carefully guide you through a comprehensive holistic yoga program specifically created to accommodate the needs and desires of a beginner practitioner.  You will learn the foundation practices and principals in all areas of yoga including; breathing techniques, physical postures, core, balance, meditation skills and life style.  Special attention is given to each individual in a personalized way to establish a practice that meets you where you are.   All levels are welcome.  This class is not included in the regular class packages and memberships. 

6 TUESDAYS/ 7:00-8:30PM

currently in progress


Private Yoga Coaching 

Our private yoga coaches will help you to get started and become comfortable with the basic form and techniques before you go into a group class.  Complete with postural assessment, health screening, goal setting, and beginners program design created just for you.  In the initial session you will learn how to modify common poses for your particular needs and desires. Private Coaching sessions may also include yoga lifestyle, fitness test, chakra balancing and much more.


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What to wear & bring

Comfortable Clothing
Comfortable clothing is suggested to maximize your potential for bending, stretching, and deep relaxation. Sweatpants are just as welcome as expensive yoga gear -- whatever supports ease of movement and you are comfortable in. A cozy sweater or sweatshirt and socks are nice to have on hand for restorative classes.  

Yoga Mats 
Bring your own, rent one of ours for $2.00 or buy one at the studio.

Water Bottle
Fresh filtered water is available to fill up your bottle. We also have freshly brewed tea at the studio.