6:30 PM - 7:45 PM




Purusha Yoga Studio 3729 Balboa Street

San Francisco, CA, 94121

United States (map)


Photo by Marcos Moraes

Photo by Marcos Moraes

Congratulations on this momma path!

Whether you recently found out you are pregnant, are close to your birth date, or moving through the daily rituals of new motherhood- this class is for you!

Strengthen your core muscles with specific exercises to assist you in a healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery. Stretch and tone the areas of your body most affected by each stage of pregnancy, birth and postnatal health.

Focus on maintaining ideal alignment and neutral posture of pelvis, spine, hips and shoulders with carefully selected sequences of yoga poses, and natural movements. Learn specific pre & postnatal breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques, including guided meditation, that will help you create a stress free environment in your mind and body. 

This class allows you the space and place for inner reflection as well as socialization with other moms. You will be comforted and inspired by sharing stories and experiencing this time with new friends.

Pre-crawling babies and partners are welcome to join this class, no yoga experience necessary. And, included with each class are tea time and personal check ins with the group.

$108 for six sessions / $20 drop in



Erin has been practicing yoga for over 20 years including vinyasa, hatha, yin and restorative to create a holistic personal yoga practice.  She completed her 200 Hour YTT at Yoga Tree and level one of the Mama Tree YTT in 2016.  She is passionate about making yoga fun and accessible to yogis of all levels and believes there is always a place for humor in practice.  Erin has participated in yoga retreats in Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and El Salvador and studies with a variety of teachers, especially Jane Austin, to hone her passion for pre and postnatal yoga.  Erin’s prenatal classes are aimed at helping pregnant Mamas tune into and honor their changing bodies and growing babies. (Read Full Bio...)