Holistic Yoga Therapy

Learn to access, use, and move energy in a way that will profoundly change your mind, body and life.

Private Sessions with Joy

Integrative Somatic Yoga Therapy weaves additional modalities, philosophies and practices into a holistic and integrative yoga therapy session.

These sessions may include a focus on holistic nutrition, life-coaching, somatic practices and energy balancing. This one-on-one coaching gives you the opportunity to practice yoga in a way that is specifically designed for you and your goals. Together we will design an individualized program that meets your desires, needs and lifestyle with counseling that is based on Eastern and Western methods of active listening and life coaching skills.

Connect and utilize the 5 Koshas (the dimensions of the human experience), improve your physical health and fitness, attend to emotional wounds using the chakra system, gentle bioenergetics and kind loving guidance, and deepen your understanding of the true nature of the self.

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Self Study

"The term Svadhyaya literally means ‘one’s own reading’ or ‘self-study’. It is the fourth Niyama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and has the potential to deepen our yoga practice way beyond the mat."