Private Yoga Coaching

Private Yoga Coaching is holistic health care that is a complimentary practice. It is highly supportive for rehabilitation, crisis, and trauma to the body or mind, using the 8 limb system of Classic Yoga to create a program of essential practice.

We'll design an individualized program that meets your desires, needs and lifestyle with counseling that is based on eastern and western methods of active listening and life coaching skills.

  • Movement that is authentic yet respects the posture points for alignment taught by classic yoga
  • Somatic in nature in that it connects and utilizes the 5 Koshas, the dimensions of the human experience
  • Improves physical health and fitness: all systems and organs are nourished and exercised
  • Attends to emotional wounds by utilizing the chakra system, gentle bioenergetics, and kind loving guidance
  • Deepens understanding of true nature of the self
  • Accesses, uses, and moves energy in a way that will profoundly change your mind, body, and life


Personal Programs are available with a coach and trainer certified in the area you wish to focus on. 

Single Session                                                           $109
12 Session Commitment (4 month expiration)         $79/session
8 Sessions Commitment (3 month expiration)         $89/session
6 Sessions Commitment (2 month expiration)         $99/session



Because Memberships cannot be shared between clients, we have introduced these discounted rates. Discounts do not apply to Specials, and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Spouse/Partner and Seniors: 15% off
Purchase 1 regular priced Private Session or Thai Yoga Bodywork appointment, and receive 15% off the second same Private Session or Thai Yoga Bodywork for your partner/spouse.

College Students (with valid ID): 10% off