All purusha Yoga upcoming June 2018 Retreats scheduled at Kalani Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii have been canceled due to dangerous air conditions in the area related to the volcanic eruptions nearby. 

We humbly bow to goddess Pele and gracefully step out of her way. 

Aloha A’ina / Respect the land

Thank you for being an adventurous traveling soul with us. We look forward to our next journey together. 


Joy and Eric


Popoyo, Nicaragua was a perfect spot for a yoga retreat. It was quiet and remote and not touristy at all, but Magnific Rock had all the amenities that I would want while on vacation. I loved the daily schedule that Eric planned. Every day there would be a sunrise meditation on the beach followed by a vinyasa class. During the day we would be on the beach. I had an awesome massage and went surfing. Every afternoon Kristen taught a yin or restorative class which would end right before sunset. Then we would all go to happy hour by the pool until dinner. The food was absolutely amazing too. A local guide took us on a cultural tour of his village. I was surprised by how authentic it was – again, not touristy at all. We all became so close and everyone agreed that we should go back next year.”
— Cathryn Stauffer

All Purusha Yoga Retreats include:

Daily Yoga Practice (asana, pranayama, meditation, sound healing/music, somatic, relaxing)

Cultural Exchange with local people, sites, projects

Seva opportunities (selfless giving through a yoga activity)

Experiential workshop on a specific holistic yoga topic

Personal time to rest, reflect, rejuvenate.

Excursion opportunities to explore local nature

Community play, gathering and/or  ritual