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bobby hoyt

Bobby Hoyt (E-RYT 200) has spent the past 17 years and over 6,500 hours teaching classes in: Hawaii, Vermont, San Francisco, Connecticut, Alaska, Washington, Italy, Burning Man, Florence, Italy; Wanderlust Festivals, students, faculty and staff at Suffield Academy. After teaching on the Big Island of Hawaii for 14 years, he has recently moved to back to Northern California to share his passion of the practice.

Originally trained in Shivanada, Bobby was certified and assisted in teacher trainings in Asthanga Vinyasa with Larry Schulze from It’s Yoga in San Francisco. Continuing to expand his horizons, Bobby studied Iyengar extensively with Leslie Howard, and he has taken multiple workshops and retreats; including with Schuyler Grant, Ali Valdez, Andrey Lappa and other teachers of Universal yoga. Bobby’s class incorporates all that he studies and practices. He encourages his students to move with their breath and quiet the mind, while strengthening the body. Although soaked in many traditions his use of music and light-hearted humor is a unique asana practice.

For the past eleven years his biggest influence has been Andrey Lappa, creator of Universal Yoga. With this influence, Bobby’s class incorporates a 360 degree mandala style practice which maximizes the complete movement of the major joints in the body. Bobby’s vinyasa class moves you beyond your normal asana practice.