shoulders, elbows, wrists, oh my

SATURDAY / 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

October 26th

Purusha Yoga Studio - BERKELEY STUDIO

3048 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, CA, 94705

United States (map)

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Your shoulders and arms will thank you

Come and experience a deep dive into the exploration of the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists in this 2 hour class/workshop.

We will use both static (Yin) and dynamic (Yang) asanas to open up these parts of the body we often take for granted, and that carry our tension and stress. The only experience needed for this is an open-mind.

Class Fee: $55 (at door) / $45 (in advance)


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Bobby Hoyt (E-RYT 200) has spent the past 17 years and over 6,500 hours teaching classes in: Hawaii, Vermont, San Francisco, Connecticut, Alaska, Washington, Italy, Burning Man, Florence, Italy; Wanderlust Festivals, students, faculty and staff at Suffield Academy. After teaching on the Big Island of Hawaii for 14 years, he has recently moved to back to Northern California to share his passion of the practice.

Originally trained in Shivanada, Bobby was certified and assisted in teacher trainings in Asthanga Vinyasa with Larry Schulze from It’s Yoga in San Francisco…. read full bio