Somatic movement

Somatic Psychology is difficult to define because it is so personal. In essence, it encompasses all that makes us human beings. It is the study of how we work as individuals and how that influences how we relate to ourselves and to others. We are beautiful in our complexity as humans and Somatic Movement similar to Yoga works to embrace all that it is that we have to offer.

We are not just minds floating around, we have bodies and souls that deserve to be acknowledged and respected. Somatic Movement taps into who we are as moving beings. As people, we are always on the move. Even when we are trying to be still, our breath enlarges our lungs, our heart beats into our chest and our cells are in the continual process of expanding and contracting. Why not use this information to understand ourselves on a deeper level and translate that wisdom into our daily lives?

Somatic Movement is a tool used to empower individuals who want to move through life with more intention. It’s for those who want to feel more connected to their bodies and how it moves and for those who want to feel more nourished and less depleted. Pacing and Self­care practices are key components of the work. No prior experience with movement is necessary.


Personal Programs are available with a coach and trainer certified in the area you wish to focus on. 

Single Session               $110



Because Memberships cannot be shared between clients, we have introduced these discounted rates. Discounts do not apply to Specials, and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Spouse/Partner and Seniors: 15% off
Purchase 1 regular priced Private Session or Thai Yoga Bodywork appointment, and receive 15% off the second same Private Session or Thai Yoga Bodywork for your partner/spouse.

College Students (with valid ID): 10% off