Somatic Yoga & Expressive Arts


A Six Week Series
April 20 - May 25, 2022

The word somatic literally means ‘body’, however it is seen most often used in connection with talk therapy whereby the practitioner invites the client to ‘tap’ into the body for information.  We are finally coming to a place in modern research where we can celebrate the realization that there is no separation between the mind and the body, the breath and the mind, the energy and the flesh.  There is deep knowledge within the body tissue, the breath, and the layers of our story.   In this course you will be given the opportunity to feel your movements carefully, explore your feelings through body awareness, and allow breath, sound, art, journaling and other expressive arts to lead you toward a profound place of getting to know these layers of experience deeply.  This well cultivated practice naturally inspires subtle transformation.  Each session delivers a curated blend of movement, meditation, art,  journaling and guided journeys. You will discover your own ways of taking care of all your layers, feeling all the feelings, and moving from a place that is authentic and exactly what you need at any given time, ultimately becoming your own true healer and knower of your true life, which is yours to enjoy fully.  

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Spend 6 weeks diving deep into a particular topic. Get personalized attention with goal setting, modifications, and customization to meet your needs.

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Live Meetings:
Wednesdays 5:30 - 6:45 PM PST
April 20 - May 25, 2022

Recordings are made available the next day.

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6 hours of Teaching

You will receive lifetime access to the course resources and recordings that you can revisit at anytime. 

Joy Ravelli

For over 20 years, Joy Ravelli has led workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher training. Joy is the co-owner and founder of Purusha Studio and School in San Francisco, CA. She is also the founder of the Purusha Seva Project, a non profit organization that brings powerful yoga practices to underserved and at-risk populations throughout the Bay Area and the world.

Joy brings a powerful sense of authenticity, humor, light, and natural wisdom to her classes, encouraging students to explore, discover, and express their true-self (purusha) in a safe and deeply inspiring atmosphere.

Joy has a master-level of experience and knowledge in the fields of natural fitness, somatic movement, thai yoga bodywork, martial arts, pilates, and classic yoga. She enjoys meditating and practicing with diverse people, places, animals, children and nature, while celebrating all the connected magic in this world.

Somatic Yoga & Expressive Arts

Six Week Series
With Joy Ravelli 
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