traditional Thai yoga bodywork certification

October 22 - October 26th

Monday- Friday 9:00-4:00




Purusha Yoga Studio 3729 Balboa Street

San Francisco, CA, 94121

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Photo by Marcos Moraes

Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork has been practiced in the temples of Thailand by Buddhist Monks for 2500 years.

It is a unique type of bodywork in that it is performed with a connection to the spiritual and in a healing conscious meditative state.

This unique practice combines assisted yoga postures, massage and the mindfulness of Metta (loving-kindness) into a flowing dance of continuous rhythmic motion. Through this rhythmic dance, the giver experiences meditation in motion while the receiver is gently guided into a state of balanced energy and tranquility.

Thai Yoga Bodywork taps into specific energy lines in the body that are similar to those used in Meridian therapies such as Acupressure and Acupuncture. These energy lines are gently cleared of tension, pain, fatigue, and soreness by stimulating the fascia and natural balance of energy to flow freely allowing the muscles to relax, the tendons to release and connective tissue to ‘let go’ of unnecessary holding patterns.

Join us as we study, experience, and explore the unique benefits, techniques, and healing qualities of this ancient living art form. A certification will be awarded upon completion of the workshop and practicum.

The program will be taught by Joy Ravelli and a certified assistant. Joy is a registered Advanced Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner trained in Thailand with direct lineage to the Sunshine Network of Thailand with over 12 years of experience giving and training practitioners in this healing modality.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification can be taken as part of the 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training or on its own for yoga instructors, health educators, massage therapists, or anyone looking to discover the many benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork.


Certification : $800


This course counts toward our 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  Save money by registering as a 300-Hr YTT student. Learn more>>




For over 20 years, Joy Ravelli has led workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings. Joy is the co-owner and founder of Purusha Studio and School in San Francisco, CA. She is also the founder of the Purusha Seva Project, a non profit organization that brings powerful yoga practices to underserved and at-risk populations throughout the Bay Area and the world.

Joy has a master-level of experience and knowledge in the fields of natural fitness, somatic movement, thai yoga bodywork, martial arts, pilates, and classic yoga. She enjoys meditating and practicing with diverse people, places, animals, children and nature, while celebrating all the connected magic in this world.


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Eric Sparks is the co-owner of Purusha Yoga Studio and School in San Francisco, CA. A classically trained ballet dancer since 1982, Eric has been a company member of Boston Ballet, Cleveland/San Jose Ballet and, a Soloist with Miami City Ballet. Eric is a lead teacher of professional yoga trainings, yoga retreats, and a continuing education provider with the Yoga Alliance. Read full bio