Level III

Thai Yoga Therapy


Thai Yoga Therapy is a healing exchange of energy, intention and kindness. This unique modality includes the most healing practices from classic yoga that include; gentle postures, fluid movement, breathing, meditation and shared intentional focus with the unique additional knowledge and application of the specific energy lines of Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork.   

In this course you will learn a complete practice of shared movement, energy, intention, focus and progressive healing that takes place through a specific dance between practitioner and client. By using verbal cueing and light touch (not manual manipulation) the client is gently guided into easily held asanas that are appropriate for each individual and then led to breathe into that specific area to balance energy, deepen personal intention, and focus all 5 koshas. The specific energy lines are accessed to stimulate the relaxation response, release of myo fascial tension, untying knots (granthis) and promote health.

This course will also introduce students to applied fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system and sister science to yoga. We will explore how to apply these fundamentals to help create a highly customized and holistic session for individual clients. Clients of Thai Yoga Therapy report many benefits, including the removal of tension, elimination of pain, and a more youthful, deeply relaxed, and refreshed feeling. Join us as we study, experience, and explore the unique techniques and qualities of this ancient living art form, that originated in India, traveled with the Ayurveda Doctors into Thailand and is cherished throughout the world. In this course you will experience a deep sense of meditation for yourself as well as tapping into your innate abilities to provide a session for clients rooted in loving kindness and compassion. 

Six Day Intensive

June 13 - 18

9:00 AM- 3:00 PM

  • This is a required course used toward completion of our Level III Advanced Holistic Yoga Therapy coursework. Save money by registering in our Holistic Yoga Therapy program.
  • General Attendance (workshop only)

  • Holistic Yoga Therapy Specialized Certification


Note: Students who are looking to become certified practitioners of Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork will need to complete additional training and required practice with Shai Plonski separately to receive a certification from the Still Light Center.

Still Light Center is accredited with NCBTMB for massage continuing education and this course can be used as continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Three Ways to Attend

Level III - Holistic Yoga Therapy Course Work - Pay in Full

$3,000.00 USD
Thai Yoga Therapy Course

$650.00 USD

In this course you will learn..

  • Implement the basic Thai Yoga Therapy techniques that energetically access the major nadis of the pranamaya kosha and stimulate the flow of energy through these nadis.

  • Masterfully access the pranamaya kosha through extremely light touch and precise verbal cueing that promotes a deeper connection and understanding to all 5 koshas. 

  • Lead a continuous guided meditation that is connected to the individuals goals, lifestyle, intentions and specific needs.

  • Apply intuitive touch without need for pressure or manual manipulation. 

  • Understand and utilize a deeper observation of what is possible through all 5 senses and intuitive connection. 

  • Apply the energy lines of Traditional Thai Yoga to a Thai Yoga Therapy practice as well as any asana practice.  

  • Apply Ayurveda to help create a highly customized and holistic session both in this setting and others. 

  • Deepen the ability to determine a client’s Ayurvedic constitution and adapt sessions based on client needs.

  • Build client relationships and nurture the therapeutic relationship with mastery of the subtle koshas.  

  • Empower clients toward improved health and wellness, and eliminate or manage symptoms of suffering in the body, breath and mind through the practice of self-touch and incorporation of knowledge gained through your practice together. 

  • Communicate a strong knowledge and understanding of Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork. 

Master Teacher

Shai Plonski

Shai Plonski was born and raised in Montreal Canada and now lives in El Sobrante California. He’s the best-selling author of two books including, The Joy of Giving Massage which hit #1 in 14 categories on Amazon in 2018. Shai has taught Thai Massage to more than 5300 people on three continents for the past 17 years, first as the dean of the Lotus Palm School and then after opening his own, Still Light Centre. Shai loves educating other people on how giving massage is a life-changing choice and sharing how simple and easy it is to do.

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