Sundays / 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

March 17 & 31

April 21 & 28

May 12


Purusha Yoga Studio 3729 Balboa Street

San Francisco, CA, 94121

United States (map)


Photo by Marcos Moraes

This deeply loving workshop will stimulate chi and restore vitality, opening you into feelings of connection and compassion.

You will be in deeply held floor poses with a focus on nurturing and loving the body, heart, and mind, and allowing the darkness to guide you into places that may have been neglected or vacated. Wait, listen, and draw the senses inward.

In this course you will explore:

  • Utilizing gravity, the flow of energy and body weight to help the body open and release emotional and physical blocks

  • Hands-on reiki (sentient loving energy) assists

  • How to select specific and appropriate asanas/sequences to direct and balance energy, and trigger responses

  • Methods of focusing a higher wisdom toward certain areas of the body

  • Encouraging a clients connection with their practice, their lifestyle and their personal choices/habits

  • Tying together pranayama exercises, assists, asanas and guided journeys to create and support the opening of the body

  • Holding authentic and supportive space for your clients so that they can absorb the therapeutic benefits of the practice

Course Fee: $800.00

This is an elective course that may be used toward completion of the 300 hour Holistic Yoga Health Coach training.


This course counts toward our 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  Save money by registering as a 300-Hr YTT.



Elizabeth McKinley is a Registered Yoga Teacher exploring the intersections of physical, mental, and emotional health. Elizabeth completed her 200-hour and 500-hour trainings at Purusha Yoga School in 2013 and 2014. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco. Since 2009 Elizabeth has worked in mental health and substance abuse programs, providing counseling and case management to adults. As a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist, she explores the resiliency of the human body and spirit, as well as the importance of community and self-care.

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Denise uses yoga as a tool to help people raise their consciousness and transform their lives.  She is inspired by the power of yoga to unite the energetic masculine and feminine within and it's magical capacities to transform the internal and external. She is both a certified yoga instructor, yoga therapist and Reiki master. She specializes in teaching restorative yoga as she believes the current state of affairs in the world could benefit from people exploring their internal landscapes in a mindful fashion. She is also a doctor of psychology and has a both a private clinical practice as well as consults with businesses. She incorporates yoga philosophy in all of the work she does. She teaches classes as well as see people for one-on-one yoga sessions. 

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