NOVEMBER 23 / 6:00 - 8:30 PM

with Kristin Singer

$55 in advance

$65 day of event


Purusha Yoga Studio 3729 Balboa Street

San Francisco, CA, 94121

United States (map)


Photo by Marcos Moraes

This deeply loving Autumn Workshop will begin with a highly restorative yin session, focusing on the Lung Meridian, to open our willingness to take in life. 

Autumn is a time of transformation, this workshop will support us in turning inward and listening, facilitating letting go of what has completed and opening us to the courage to move beyond what is known into what is desired. We will be in deeply held floor poses with a focus on nurturing & loving the body, heart, & mind. We will utilize the ancient Japanese healing modality of Jin Shin Jytsu to release and move stagnant energy and from this state of deep relaxation, we will flow directly into a deep 55 minute Sonic Sound Healing Journey to facilitate opening into expanded states of consciousness. 

Hands-on Reiki (sentient loving energy) assists.
All levels welcome.
Pre-registration recommended.

Workshop fee: $55 in advance or $65 at the door



Kristin Singer has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. While her love for her practice was always strong, it deepened into a passion when she began a daily practice in 2009. At this same time Kristin began studying and practicing Buddhism. This combination of spiritual and physical practice is how her inner journey to know her authentic self truly began and she realized that she had found her path.

Kristin was always interested in understanding our human nature and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and her Master’s Degree (ABT) in Research Psychology. Her deep knowledge of Western-based psychology has given Kristin a strong foundation upon which to understand the Eastern-based spirituality and philosophies to which she is so strongly drawn. Kristin graduated from the 200 Hour Teacher Training program from the Purusha Yoga School in 2014.


Ryan Hurtgen is a sound practitioner with the Resonance Center in Los Angeles. His meditative compositions have reached more than 400,000 people world-wide. Ryan will be bringing the Samalan, which is an instrument that produces an immersive omni-directional environment that shifts mental states through altering the sense of self, time and silence. Graceful movements send chords of beautiful colors swirling into the air with long sustain with the intention of activating "Turiya", a Sanskrit word for “state of sleepless sleep”.  It is the witnessing background for the three states of consciousness - waking, dreaming and sleep.  It is the point at which they all converge; mind is full at rest, passive yet alert, where polarities collapse, and the self dissolves into the infinite giving us better rest, clarity and reflection this fall season.